How New is the New Covenant? Jesus is LORD - Book

The New Covenant is radically different than the old, and those differences are often not well understood. Some would have us believe that Jesus came just to make some minor adjustments in understanding of the Old Covenant, and that the New Covenant is just a renewal of the Old Covenant with Israel. Others think that any ethics that Jesus taught prior to Pentecost do not apply to believers today. This books examines the implications of "Jesus is Lord" on the foundation of the New 
Covenant. This book examines the  implications of "Jesus is Lord" upon the church, Second Temple Judaism, Rome/Caesar, the Scriptures, Paul and Torah, and so-called Jewish Roots or Jewish Restorationism Movement that is widespread in the church today. This is written at an intermediate reading level. It is not high scholastic, but neither is it a light devotional read. Jesus is Lord had profound and radical implications on the culture, society, theology and politics of the day in which Christ and the apostles lived. If we do not understand how radical it was in their day, it is unlikely we will understand its radical implications on us today.

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  How "New" is the New Covenant?