Course Objectives

  • It seems nearly every month there is a headline of the failure of a celebrity Christian leader or ministry. There is much talk about the need for better "protocols of leadership accountability." That conversation fails to address the fundamental problem: an erroneous belief system concerning the nature of spiritual authority in so-called "professional ministry." A new coat of paint on a broken-down home can resemble responsible initiative--unless you have ignored the termite infestation. That is the situation in the Body of Christ today. So much is just window-dressing.  Revised managerial protocols of accountability that do not understand the scope and demands of the difference changes brought about in the New Creation (the New Covenant) will remedy nothing.  Proof-texting Moses or David means nothing. They are not our example. Jesus, crucified and resurrected is.

    In this episode, I join three friends of mine in dialogue on this issue from a New Covenant, grace-based, and love- based perspective. We believe this could help many--especially those from independent, Pentecostal, Charismatic, or so-called "Apostolic and Prophetic" church backgrounds.


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