Course Objectives

  • Eleven, thirty-minute video sessions covering topics like: What about submission to authority? What do we do for our children? What about praise and worship? How do we Evangelism? What about authoritative teaching? Oh, and what about money and giving? These topics and more are covered and designed to help believers navigate:

    shifts in their theology and practices, changes in their inner world of thought, heart, and spirit
  • and relationships with others during a transition away from, and out of, hierarchical expressions of organized Christian religion.
  • Josh Packard has cited a statistic that around the world 65,000,000 people have left, or are considering leaving, institutional expressions of Christianity. These people are sometimes identified as the “nones and dones” – they are done with church, but not necessarily done with Jesus and the Body of Christ. Much of what people have been exposed to calling itself Christianity bears no resemblance to the teachings, ethics, and life of Jesus Christ recorded for us in scripture


  • 11 lessons