Course Objectives

  • The Church of the Lord should be a haven of love, authenticity, safety, and health for hungry souls. The sad reality is that many individuals have experienced nothing like that. What’s worse is that many have experienced deeply damaging spiritual abuse. Sometimes people never emotionally, psychologically and spiritually recover from what they experience in “church.”

    Authoritarian, manipulative, domineering, and controlling expressions of leadership do great harm to God’s people and betray the Name of the Lord. In this six-part video series, we examine many common teachings—particularly those common in Charismatic/Pentecostal and non-denominational environments-- regarding “submission to authority,” “spiritual covering,” etc.

    We demonstrate the misuse of biblical proof-texts to control people.  We offer a new covenant and grace-based alternative to the sensitive subject of authority and submission. It is neither authoritarian on the one hand, nor just a reactionary reflection of cultural values of individuality and independence.


  • 13 lessons