Course Objectives

  • Prayer and intercession (along with praise and worship) have become a cottage industry within large segments of Evangelical and Charismatic brands of Christianity. Prayer and intercession can so easily be leveraged to create guilt, striving, and performance-driven behaviors in believers. Something that should be as natural as one's breath between a loving Father and a child, often gets so very distorted. Prayer and intercession can also be a platform to create an elitist class of alleged intercessory specialists. People take their sense of identity and personhood from a reputation as an alleged prophetic prayer warrior, just like many take their sense of identity from being a pastor (or any other traditional ministry expression for that matter). Why do so many believers take their prayer life model from Old Testament characters when we have been brought into something infinitely more wonderful than they could have imagined? In this seven-session audio  I take a look at prayer and intercession from a new creation, New Covenant perspective. What does the resurrection and ascension of Jesus and the indwelling Spirit in union with our spirit do to our understanding and expression of intercessory prayer?

    It changes everything.


  • 15 lessons