Course Objectives

  • The idea that our bodies can be physically healed through the exercise of spiritual gifts is controversial within the church. Some believe that God “doesn’t do miracles any more,” as the so-called sign-gifts are believed to have ceased in the apostolic era. Others, particularly the televangelists, manipulate people through shameful practices rooted in the love of money and fame. Hype abounds. In this book, Dr. Stephen Crosby presents a biblical, Christ-centered, reasonable, and redemptive alternative to either extreme. Understanding the Scripture’s Semitic (non-Western) worldview of community, disease, sickness, and health, is key to the effective appropriation of physical healing.  Dr. Crosby’s incisive and candid analysis cuts through the popular culture hype, and presents a compassionate God who is, and will always be, our Healer.


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