Course Objectives

  • The Gospel addresses both things visible and invisible. Where one puts emphasis will greatly affect the message. My premise is that the Church for centuries has over-emphasized invisible heavenly things to the neglect and detriment of earthly things--the essence of the Christian life as a follower of Jesus and His ethics. If the drumbeat of 'heaven or hell" (because of the alleged priority of "eternal things") drowns out or erases the significance of a life-lived on planet-earth as a transformed human being and follower of Christ, it is at least an imbalanced presentation of the Gospel, if not a complete misrepresentation. When dealing with the trials and adversities of life, Paul told the Corinthians that there was a context of purpose in those things: that the life of Jesus would be MADE MANIFEST IN OUR MORTAL BODIES, not in heaven in the sweet by-and-by. 


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