Marriage Rx: A New Covenant Prescription for Married Life - A Seven-Hour Video Series

This 7-hour video seminar presents the New Covenant biblical foundations for a marriage relationship that is not based in patriarchy,  hierarchy, and authority. And this is not just for married people! Four of the seven sessions deal with practical issues of conflict resolution in any human interpersonal relationship: marriage, job, church, work, school, etc.  Some statistics indicate that the marriages of professing believers end in divorce as often, if not more so, than non-believers. Some statistics also indicate that between 70-80% of the children raised in Christian families, after they reach 21 years of age will never participate in a faith community for the rest of their lives. Something is clearly “not working.” Doubling down on biblically inaccurate authoritarian models of marriage, family, church, and interpersonal relationships is not the answer. Those models are part of the problem. 

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Last Updated: April 1st, 2021


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Course Content

  Marriage Rx - Session 1 - Designing From Disaster?
  Marriage Rx - Session 2 - Facing the "Head" Winds!
  Marriage Rx - Session 3 - Yours, Mine, and Ours
  Marriage Rx - Session 4 - Love Pirates
  Marriage Rx - Session 5 - Rebels Without A Cause
  Marriage Rx - Session 6 - The Blame Game
  Marriage Rx - Session 7 - " . . . I Suffer Not a Woman" . . .