How New is the New Covenant? Jesus is Lord - 6 Hour Video Series

In this six-hour video series I take an overview look at my book, How New is the New Covenant? Jesus is Lord.  There is a spectrum of thought on this important question from “not very new” (as in just an upgrade/correction to Moses/Torah), to radically new (so new that even Jesus’s own ethical teaching allegedly do not apply to believers today, as supposedly being part of the pre-new covenant era).  Serious matters indeed.  This course looks at the implications of “Jesus is Lord” on: the Ekklesia (Church), Moses/Torah, Rome, the Scriptures, and Jewish Roots Movement restorationism.

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Last Updated: April 1st, 2021


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Course Content

  Session 1 - Introduction and the Implications of Jesus is Lord Upon the Emerging Church
  Session 2 - The Implications on Moses and Torah
  Session 3 - The Implications on Rome
  Session 4 - The Implications Upon Scripture - Part One
  Session 5 - The Implications Upon Scripture - Part Two
  Session 6 - The Implications Upon the "Jewish Roots" Restorationist Movement